Why I Left Pentecostalism

We were the “chosen ones,” the ones who lived in the “Secret Place of the Lord,” because we prayed in tongues and knew Jesus intimately. At the altar, our hands shook as heavenly visions came down on us. We fasted, we prayed for healings and breakthroughs and claimed powerful things in the name of God. We changed atmospheres, we demolished strongholds, and we fell to the floor by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

“How could someone ever walk away after they’ve tasted the Spirit the way we have?” I asked my youth pastor one night.

“It’s called backsliding,” he said. “It happens when people choose the pleasures of the world over God.”

I made a quiet vow to never backslide.

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Today I’m writing about why I left the Pentecostal church.

When fellow writer Andy Gill asked me to explore this issue on his blog, I jumped at the chance. To read the rest of my story, head on over to Andy’s blog. And if you like blogs kind of like mine but smarter, then be sure to add Andy’s blog to your regular reading.



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