When Love Came Down

Out of the ugly and painful, deep love is born.

On this lovely Wednesday, I’m pleased to be guest writing for Stephanie Gates of A Wide Mercy. Stephanie and I became fast friends when we stumbled on each other’s blogs awhile back, because our stories and hearts are so similar. Today’s post is on the spiritual awakening is on the day Love Came Down and showed me Jesus isn’t the sanitized church guy I always thought him to be. I’ve posted an excerpt here, but to read the whole piece, head over here.

After a decade-long string of disappointing, heartbreaking and confusing experiences in church, I walked away from God. A newly married grad student facing a death in the family, I was too fragile to sort through the anger and pain. So, I folded them up neatly, put them in a dark closet, and tried to forget that part of my life.

It didn’t take me long to figure out life is a lot more fun when you’re not a fundamentalist.
I built wonderful friendships with atheists, bad Catholics, Jews. I opened my mind to new ideas and let them rest for a while, instead of instantly rejecting any thought that didn’t align with my old worldview. I danced the night away at bars to stupid music. I wasn’t automatically discredited for being a woman – male professors and colleagues actually valued my work and ideas. Sunday mornings took on a new life, in which my new husband and I would take leisurely strolls to the French bakery. We barely talked about spiritual things, or the anger we harbored toward Christians; we were too busy enjoying the sunshine and our croissants. Continue Reading…
I look forward to hearing from Stephanie over here on Friday. I’m so excited about her post that I’m using it to launch a new series I hope you’ll love. Check back Friday for the details.


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