Weekend Roundup: Crazy cheapskates & stuff

Happy Friday! 

A friend posted this video of comedian Michael McInctyre on Facebook and I thought it was pretty funny, mostly because it is so painfully true. I wistfully think back to the days pre-motherhood and how I could leave the house by grabbing my keys and cell phone.  And I don’t even have a toddler, so I have it easy, comparatively:

Joe will be home any minute (hooray!) and I can’t wait to kick off the weekend. We are planning on working on the house and taking a trip to Gilroy Gardens

This week I took advantage of my in-law’s 1,000 TV channels and On Demand service. I’m now hooked on the TLC show “Extreme Cheapskates.” Have you seen it?

extreme cheapskates

Do you count out Cheerios for your kids and ration toilet paper in your household? Here’s a clip from this week’s episode about a mom of three, Jordan Page, who does both of those things. Is kind of terrible that I found some of her methods a tiny bit inspiring?

Some of the episodes are about legit crazy people (one guy donated one of his testicles for a few thousand bucks, another mother makes her teenage sons wash dishes in their used bathwater – cold of course, because she won’t turn on the water heater) but I don’t think it’s outrageous  to teach kids not to waste toilet paper and to water down juice. Perhaps I am one of the crazies myself. 

Well, enjoy your weekend and we’ll chat Wednesday! 


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