Weekend Roundup: Annie Hall, quilts, vintage color schemes and renaissance men

October is the best month of the year, and Saturday is the best day of the week, therefore today is obviously one of the best days of the year and I’m ready to enjoy it.

This weekend, we’re packing for our upcoming move, hitting up a local pumpkin patch, and when the baby goes down, we’re planning on a rousing night of watching Annie Hall and playing board games. Not being sarcastic, I’m really excited.

Most mornings I wake up disappointed that I am not Diane Keaton. I’ve usually at peace with it after my second cup of coffee.

I have a passion for quilts, but lack the talent/patience/time to make them. Lucky for me, Joe’s mom is a quilting guru (not the only reason I married him, promise). I successfully roped her into making us another quilt as a housewarming gift for our new home. So of course I’ve been Internet stalking in search of the perfect quilt.

I stumbled on “It’s hip to be square” quilt from Little Island Quilting and I think I’m in love:


It’s filled with eclectic old-fashioned fabrics and an awesome mix of neutrals and brights.

Also, while browsing around looking for quilts, I found this really easy DIY fall fabric wreath on PS I Quilt:


 As I get more and more pumped about our move to Snow White’s cottage, I’ve become obsessed with researching vintage color schemes on Pinterest.

In non-fabric related cool stuff, Lauren from Loving Marshall summed up five things she wished she didn’t spend money on in the flurry of expectant mom shopping we all do.

I escaped to Starbucks for a few hours this morning, because our Internet is so slow right now, and because getting out by myself is such a rare treat these days. God must love me, because as I sit here typing away, these two renaissance men stopped by to get their caramel macchiato fix, as every renaissance man should.

I post six days a week, making Sunday my day off, so I’ll talk to you guys Monday. Hope you have a great October weekend.


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  1. Paula W on October 18, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I love that you are posting all week! That is awesome. I love quilting! I have never made a whole one, just a quilt block, but one of these days when Olivia is older and I have free time and am showered and stuff it would be cool to try one. But I never finish things I start.

    You should give it a try sometime, I bet you could figure it out. You can find really simple ones on Pinterest where you just cut fabric into squares… sew them into long strips, and then sew the strips together to make a big grid quilt.

    Or maybe I can come visit you soon and we can do one as a weekend project and post our collaboration on our blogs. Or just do headbands.

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