Two weekend home projects – Disguise TV with antique focal point & salvaged entryway decor

Disguise TV with  antique armoire as meia center


DIY salvage style entryway project. #cratedecor #woodcrates #naturalwood #entryways #rustic

We’re having a blast setting up the new house. I’ve developed a Craigslist tick and my weekly trips to the Salvation Army are getting out of hand.

People have asked me what my decorating style is, and I’m not sure I have one, but if I had to give it a name, I’d call it “Cheapskate Eclectic.” 

I’m in luck that thrift store and vintage decor is “in” right now. It’s even being praised for being a “green” way to live. I checked a book out from the library last week that is all the Cheapskate Eclectic style. (The actual book title is “Restore, Recycle, Repurpose,” by Randy Florke.) Here’s an excerpt:

We teach our children crucial lessons when we show them that we value thrift, economy, quality, and an environment left to for them and their children and future generations to enjoy. 

It’s this kind of old-school green that I respect. It’s not a spend-$100,000-to-gut-your-kitchen-and-use-only-organic-tile kind of lifestyle, which is touted as the ultimate eco-friendly lifestyle on home improvement shows. My question is always – did all the old stuff just end up in a landfill somewhere? Has “green” living just become another avenue for consumerism?

I like the intersection where frugality and conservation meet.

Anyhow, if you like home decorating books, this one is worth seeing if your library has, if nothing else but for the beautiful photos.  

Meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for a few of the projects that Joe and I worked on this weekend. 

Antique armoire as an entertainment center. 
My mom used this piece as an entertainment center for years, and before that, it was a dear family friend’s entertainment center. When my dad went out and bought a massive TV unbeknownst to her, the antique no longer worked for them. When she offered the piece to me, I jumped. If there is one thing I hate, it’s a big ugly TV in the middle of a room, drawing the eye away from prettier things. I had been looking for a way to cover up the TV since we’ve moved in and new this was the perfect solution. 

canon 470

 I knew that it needed a paint job, so my dad (who is a rockin’ painter) brought me a grab bag of random paint colors when he delivered the armoire. Mustard yellow was in the bag, and that’s how the piece became this color. (Wish I had a “before” picture for you!) Painting took just a couple of hours. I love easy projects like this. We still need to paint the inside of it, but I was too eager to get it set up this weekend. 

canon 472

Now we can close the armoire’s doors and have a beautiful antique as the focal point of the living room, not a jarring TV. We can enjoy family time and not have the TV constantly beckoning to be turned on. 

Salvaged entryway decor
The entryway is the handshake of homes. I wanted our entryway to be a place we can instantly relax and shed whatever pretenses we carried around with us throughout the day. I wanted guests to feel they are entering an accepting space where they can feel safe to be their weird, imperfect selves.So we came up with this look:

canon 474

I found the crate at a vintage farm shop ($12) awhile back but hadn’t yet found the perfect spot for her. The vase was from my birthday shopping trip to Home Goods last year ($15).  The burlap rose is temporary. Ideally, I’d like to use fresh clippings from our garden, but there is not much blooming in November. The piece of bark was laying in a huge pile of scrap wood on a ranch. I asked if I could take a piece, and the guy sent me home with an armload. (It NEVER hurts to ask,) The hardware is from Hobby Lobby ($3.99 each). 

canon 482 canon 476

Also in the entryway, I’m working on sprucing up a vintage piano bench. Pictures to come soon!



  1. linda Gelsinger on November 18, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Love what you have done with the TV cabinet! It looks beautiful! And, the entry way looks great too!

  2. Candace on November 27, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Beautiful place to store your tv. I hate when the tv is the focal point of a room (like it is in my living room…). I also love what you did in your entryway with the hanging crate and bark coat hanger. I love to bring nature into my decor! Thanks for linking up with our Pin It Monday Hop!

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