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Writing My Memoir #9: Taking A Break

I came home from the conference (AKA my breakup with Christian publishing) as I do from every conference I attend: with a list of tasks and inspiration. I learned a lot at the conference aside from my existential crisis. I was going to go even deeper into honing my voice in the manuscript. I was…
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Writing My Memoir #4: Working With a Developmental Editor

I found myself stuck in the vortex of Christian publishing for too long, but it wasn’t all bad. For one, the people were genuinely kind. The agents were approachable and took time out of their busy schedules to mentor a wannabe author. At conferences, they smiled and talked to conference goers and treated them like…
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Writing My Memoir #3: Christian Publishing Hopes and Rejections

So the agent who didn’t sign me. There was a reason, one I didn’t address in my last post. Remember I mentioned he wanted me to change one major thing, and I did even though it didn’t sit well with me? This agent worked for a Christian agency. I thought at first my book could…
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