when we were on fire

My church story: the cheat sheet

I think it’s time I give you the Cliff Note’s version of my experience in and out of church. I got saved at the age of six, which is what my Vacation Bible School teacher at a tiny Baptist church in my hometown said I had to do to get to heaven. For saying the…
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When I was on fire

I mentioned Friday that I devoured Addie Zierman’s book “When We Were on Fire” in two late nights last week.   In some ways her story felt like my own – that crazed, all-consuming, legalist Christian subculture so many of us were involved in our teen years, the culture that so many of us have…
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Weekend Roundup – My favorite holiday blog posts

Here’s a quick recap of a few Christmassy blog posts I read and enjoyed this week.  Most Festive Recently I confessed my cynicism for the Elf on the Shelf tradition, so I loved reading Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva’s alternative for her kids – a Troll from the Pole, who is a bit of a…
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