Hope and Friendship on the Slippery Slope

“Remember the revivals?” my friend Dee asks me. We are drinking iced coffee on a Sunday morning in the small town we met, the town of our fiery Pentecostal days. The last time I was at this coffee shop, I was a teenager, sipping a strawberry smoothie and listening to my youth pastor talk about…
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When Your Faith Doesn't Move Mountains

The gypsy had a layer of skin where eyes normally should go. He also had stringy hair with yellow flakes falling out, and a dirty unbuttoned white shirt. His home was made of cardboard, and his kitchen was a fire pit. The least we could do was heal his eyes. This was my second Teen…
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Do you remember?

This one is for those who have fallen away from a charismatic faith. Do you remember the days? The days the Holy Spirit was an intimate force in your life that spoke to you. Sometimes it whispered for you to approach a stranger and bless them with a few dollars. Other times it quietly, but…
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Demons are Everywhere! A look back on my fight in the spiritual realm

When I was Pentecostal, I saw demons everywhere. They wandered around my bedroom looking for ways to oppress me. They tempted me on the days I did not spend time reading the bible. They dwelled in homes of families in bondage to “generational sin”, and they used sex and alcohol to torment my friends. “There…
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