motherhood lessons

My temporarily fractured family

My little life got a little cuckoo yesterday when Joe called me at 2 p.m. telling me that his company needed to send him to London. That evening.  We aren’t jet-set type people, so the idea of him taking a spontaneous trip out of the country freaked me out. But apparently the project he’s been…
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When Mama gets sick

Well, baby G passed on her nasty cold to me. Colds don’t usually whip my butt, but this one sure did. Yesterday I felt faint and dizzy all day in addition to the normal cold symptoms of a sinus headache, sore throat, etc. It was rough caring for Baby G when I hardly had the…
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Baby falls off bed, mama loses head

Well, it happened. My sweet girl fell off the bed yesterday. I brought Baby G into bed with me when Joe left for work for an early morning nursing and cuddle session, as we often do. After we both fell back asleep for another hour, I woke up with the sun and kissed her sweet…
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