mother confessions

A letter from your single girlfriends

Dearest moms and readers of Creating Mom, First of all, thank you for reading my sis-in-laws blog – I love reading her posts about all the things she’s learning, and of course hearing the latest stories of my niece, Baby G.  My name is Elizabeth, blogger at Souly Satisfied, where I share about living a…
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Baby falls off bed, mama loses head

Well, it happened. My sweet girl fell off the bed yesterday. I brought Baby G into bed with me when Joe left for work for an early morning nursing and cuddle session, as we often do. After we both fell back asleep for another hour, I woke up with the sun and kissed her sweet…
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Moms: It's not rocket science, just relax

As you may have learned from yesterday’s post about my insecurities that I suck at playing with Baby G, I am kind of nuts neurotic.. Despite my best efforts, I’m already falling prey to the “mom enough” trap. Am I doing enough? Am I doing it wrong? Am I ruining my child? Some of you called…
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My first day as a stay-at-home mom

Today is my first day as a stay-at-home mom. Early this morning, my first subconscious waking thoughts were about what I might wear to work today. Typical Monday morning thoughts. Would the baby sleep in long enough for me to sneak in the shower? What would I pack for lunch? What stories am I working…
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