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Writing My Memoir #8: Breaking Up With Christian Publishing

After my cocoon period, I attended another writer’s conference. This one was a well-known conference, especially in faith-based circles. This conference—or festival—was well run and the workshops were eye-opening and the people were the best. But it was at this conference that I finally realized I had been chasing the wrong path all this time.…
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Writing My Memoir #5: Developing Myself As A Character

Somewhere in the middle of my work with my editor, I became suddenly struck with how one-sided “I” appeared on the page. I set about making myself a character (not a caricature)… not to say my book is perfect, but I did learn in this process and wanted to share my thoughts with you. Here…
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Writing My Memoir #3: Christian Publishing Hopes and Rejections

So the agent who didn’t sign me. There was a reason, one I didn’t address in my last post. Remember I mentioned he wanted me to change one major thing, and I did even though it didn’t sit well with me? This agent worked for a Christian agency. I thought at first my book could…
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Writing My Memoir #2: Selling Out For An Agent Too Soon

For the next six months after the initial idea, I wrote whenever I could. None of the stories was organized and I didn’t try to tame them. I was still just coaxing the muse. I was gently prodding my memories out, hoping they could be captured well on the page. I was writing a book,…
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