manuscript editing

Five Steps To Hiring a Manuscript Editor

Editing is an imperative step in the writing process. Most writers know this–but it can be daunting to choose an editor.   There’s no official licensing for freelance editors, and the skill level varies appallingly. There are some fantastic editors out there, and there are some real shams. There are outright scammers looking to prey on…
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Writing My Memoir #9: Taking A Break

I came home from the conference (AKA my breakup with Christian publishing) as I do from every conference I attend: with a list of tasks and inspiration. I learned a lot at the conference aside from my existential crisis. I was going to go even deeper into honing my voice in the manuscript. I was…
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Writing My Memoir #8: Breaking Up With Christian Publishing

After my cocoon period, I attended another writer’s conference. This one was a well-known conference, especially in faith-based circles. This conference—or festival—was well run and the workshops were eye-opening and the people were the best. But it was at this conference that I finally realized I had been chasing the wrong path all this time.…
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