I am NOT enough.

Last post, I talked about escaping a performance-based life. It was raw and honest, written from my heart. I appreciated your feedback. I suspected I wasn’t the only one. I want to explore this more with you. Maybe I’m wired for perfection, or maybe it’s the fundamentalist still brewing inside me, but I really don’t…
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De(tales): Doughnut

I’ve long admired Cara Strickland’s De(tales) series, so I was more than happy to contribute to it this week. (You may remember Cara from her guest post awhile back, “Always Asking Why”) I’m telling a story over there about a moment I was ready to give up, and the small ways are saved every day. And…
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They can't take grace away from us: A Love story

I pushed and pushed but still the doctors, in a desperate move, had to use forceps. The moment she came out, a team of surgeons rushed me to the operating room for emergency surgery. I begged them to not take me from my baby, having no idea how seriously injured I was, no concept of…
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The Ten Commandments of a stay-at-home mom

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I need to set some rules to make this mom thing work. So quickly, while Baby G is napping, I will give to you the Ten Commandments of my new stay-at-home mom life. Unlike the real Ten Commandments, these are not God-inspired or written in stone. And also, unlike…
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