cult church

Hope and Friendship on the Slippery Slope

“Remember the revivals?” my friend Dee asks me. We are drinking iced coffee on a Sunday morning in the small town we met, the town of our fiery Pentecostal days. The last time I was at this coffee shop, I was a teenager, sipping a strawberry smoothie and listening to my youth pastor talk about…
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Demons are Everywhere! A look back on my fight in the spiritual realm

When I was Pentecostal, I saw demons everywhere. They wandered around my bedroom looking for ways to oppress me. They tempted me on the days I did not spend time reading the bible. They dwelled in homes of families in bondage to “generational sin”, and they used sex and alcohol to torment my friends. “There…
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Thoughts on "Girl at the End of the World"

In Girl at the End of the World, my friend Elizabeth Esther’s gutsy memoir, we hear the story of her escape from the fundamentalist cult of her childhood, and her ongoing process of healing from spiritual abuse. Despite the many heartbreaking scenes, some of which haunt me, I finished the book with a great sense of…
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