All these parenting books are caca.

In the weeks after Baby G was born, I went on an irrational parenting book reading spree, probably because my hormones were raging and I didn’t know how to make my baby stop crying. Somewhere in this sleep deprived, sour-milk-sheets coma I ingested bits and pieces of about a dozen baby rearing books I picked…
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When Mama gets sick

Well, baby G passed on her nasty cold to me. Colds don’t usually whip my butt, but this one sure did. Yesterday I felt faint and dizzy all day in addition to the normal cold symptoms of a sinus headache, sore throat, etc. It was rough caring for Baby G when I hardly had the…
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Nine wardrobe items I'm OK with never fitting into again.

A friend’s comment on Thursday’s post inspired me to go through my closet today and throw out anything from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe I know I’ll never wear again. Perfect timing, with our upcoming move and all. So I made myself a pot of coffee and got to it.   As I sorted through my clothes, the…
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