Writing My Memoir #7: Platform is More than Social Media

When I came back from my hiatus and found my blog was dead, I was unsure where to go from there. I could try and resurrect the blog, but to tell the truth, I didn’t feel like blogging several times a week. I could try and ease my way back into Twitter, but every time…
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Writing My Memoir #6: The Difficulty of Writing a Book and Growing an Author Platform

The first year or so of writing my book, I also tried to build platform. I am NOT a “platform person” and struggled with this idea at first, but knew it was a necessary beast. I never had a huge flashy platform by any means. I never went viral. But I did have a smallish (and growing)…
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Vulnerability Vs. Over-sharing

I’ve learned the difference between vulnerability and over-sharing the hard way. I look back at my college years and shudder. My memory of those first few years in college were an over-sharing fest. Put a bunch of sheltered, horny Christians trying to navigate their first steps in adulthood in close-quartered dorms and mandatory weekly “spiritual…
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The Ten Commandments of a stay-at-home mom

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I need to set some rules to make this mom thing work. So quickly, while Baby G is napping, I will give to you the Ten Commandments of my new stay-at-home mom life. Unlike the real Ten Commandments, these are not God-inspired or written in stone. And also, unlike…
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