Seven tips for a creative retreat- a.k.a., an excuse to not wear makeup

Have you ever been on a craft retreat?

Baby G and I joined a few special women in Sunriver, Oregon, to immerse ourselves in crafting for a couple of days… something that I’ll call a craft retreat.

A craft retreat is when a group of creatives (or in my case, creative wanna-bes) get together, equipped with bags from Hobby Lobby, and work on their projects together, bouncing ideas off each other and keeping each other company.

This is my first craft retreat, and so far it’s been a wonderful time. I’m working on fabric flower headbands for my Etsy shop.

I was a little suspect that I wouldn’t get any crafting done with Baby G around, considering at home I’m lucky if I can get a shower and make dinner, but I was totally wrong. With all the help from the women with me, it’s been easy to care for her and still work on my projects. If you’re the artistic type and have felt like you can’t tap into your creative side because you’re busy wiping spit up from the floor before the dog gets to it, then a retreat might be a great way to reconnect with your creativity.

Here's what my day looked like.

An ariel view of my headband making frenzy.

So, here are my seven rules for an artistic retreat for moms with little ones:

1. You must enjoy the company of retreat goers. This is about relaxation and creativity, not about getting bummed out around people you can’t unwind with.

2. Your makeup bag stays home! Right now, I’m wearing my husband’s pajama pants, a floral robe and fuzzy moccasins. I haven’t looked in the mirror today. I don’t need to know.

3. You can have a craft retreat in your own home, but I think there are too many distractions to really make that work. Chip in with your craftmates for a cheap vacation rental, maybe somewhere with a pretty view, or ask to borrow your friend’s house when they are out of town.

4. Have each person make a large salad or dish to share and microwave pieces of it whenever hunger strikes. Everyone is in creative zones at different parts of the day, so eating meals together doesn’t always happen.

5.  Let others help you with the baby. Baby G is loving this mini-vacation, mostly because she is getting doted on by four people that adore her. Between all four of us playing with her, feeding her, changing her, and taking her for walks, we all still have lots of chances to work on the projects we’ve brought.

6. Take breaks. I went for a refreshing walk early this morning, and watched Modern Family tonight. (Has anyone else noticed that Modern Family has lost it’s luster recently?)

7. Drink tea. And coffee. And cider. I’m loving the cooler weather in Oregon – it feels like fall here – and it’s scientific fact that caffeine boosts creativity.

I’ll posts more pictures of what I’m working on tomorrow. Happy Creating!


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  1. Paula W on October 18, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    This sounds amazing! I did not know there was such a thing. {LOVE}

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