Loss and Parenting: "Your Princess is in Another Castle"


Hi everyone.

I’m working on getting up a response to the latest in the World Vision saga. But for now, I think you’ll enjoy this installment in my series with Loving Marshall about Loss and Parenting.

This piece comes from Tamara Bowman from Tamara Like Camera. If you know what grief tastes like – any grief, and I’ll tell you, I’ve been grieving this week for the Church – I think Tamara’s story will speak to you. Enjoy.


Your Princess Is In Another Castle

I once wrote that grief is like “the princess is in another castle” theme from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. games.

Just when you have confronted demons, fought valiantly, been sucked through warp zones (shortcuts) and been in endless pursuit of fireballs, feathers, mushrooms (really, I can’t make this stuff up) and frog suits, you arrive at the castle level so that you can fight the next big baddie. And then you do it, and you defeat him or her in style. You fight so hard and so well, only to be rewarded with a simple message printed across the screen – “Thank You Mario! But Our Princess is in Another Castle!”

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