Linking you to fierce women writers on the web

This week I read some great stuff by women writers around the blogosphere. Here are a few of my favorites:

I loved this piece: When a Preacher Made Me a Liar by Robin Dance, because it brought back so many memories of women’s retreats or small groups where we are encouraged to share our deepest, darkest secrets for the sake of transparency. For me, this women’s confession culture blurred the line between honesty and over-sharing, a line I’m now learning to define and strike a balance in.

Sarah Bessey, in her always gentle, never judgmental way, brought back a beautiful essay from her archives on why she still goes go church. It was healing to read as I’m dealing with feelings of anger and cynicism toward church.

Emily Brisse wrote a stunningly honest letter to her pre-mama self this week. It’s not a short read, but if you are a first-time mother, I think your heart will respond to so much of Emily’s story.

In the midst of this Woody Allen & Dylan Farrow mess, Kristen Howerton reminds us when it is appropriate to debate somebody’s claim of sexual abuse.

Micha Boyett, in a beautiful understated post, asks if maybe curiosity is a first step to love and discover our families and others around us.

Stephanie from A Wide Mercy talks about measuring our success as mothers in all the wrong ways in her post, “When the Day Runs Off the Rails“.

I was honored to be featured over at Beth Woolsey’s Five Kids is A Lot of Kids this week, with my story about how I think parenting books are all caca. Beth is a hilarious writer and is refreshingly comfortable in herself, so if you’re not reading her blog already, add it to your daily feed.

That’s it for now! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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