I may be a bonafide writing geek, but what I love even more is spreading the love of writing to others.

Here are some places I get to do that:

Upcoming Workshops


Memoir Writing, Beginning

Have you ever thought about writing your life stories, but don’t know where to start? Now is your time. Unleash the story within and gain practical tools to tell it well. Beat writer’s block and learn how to mine vivid stories from your real life in an inspiring and nonthreatening environment. Students who complete this class will finish with a mini-memoir.

Wednesdays, Spring 2018 at Gavilan Community College.


Memoir Writing, Advanced

You have mastered the basics of memoir writing, but now what? Don’t stop there -- dig deeper in this advanced workshop. Take your writing to the next level by studying the Great Authors of memoir. Those who complete the course will finish with a polished short memoir through expert critique and peer workshopping. Students will work toward publishing their stories.

Wednesdays, Spring 2018 at Gavilan Community College

Ages 8+

Kid's Magazine Writing

In this workshop, children will team up to write, edit, photograph, design, and illustrate their very own magazine. Then they’ll get to show off their finished product to their friends and family. They’ll have so much fun with the process they’ll forget they are learning.

January 29-April 9 4:30-5:45 p.m.

Greenhouse Coworking, 7500 Monterey Street

Email me to get on the shortlist for this class!



San Francisco Writers Conference

"How to Write a Bullshit-free Memoir that Publishers Will Love"
It's easy to write a memoir. It's hard to do it well. Probably the biggest reason memoir gets a bad rap is because too often, the protagonist (that's YOU) is flat, shallow, one-sided, and suffers from a victim/hero complex. I'm not saying you are those things. But on the page? You might be. The good news is there's a solution. Follow my method for a bullshit-free Memoir. 

Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco 

Feb 15-18, 2018