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Developmental Editing

You’ve written a book--congratulations! Writing a book is about as difficult as giving birth. (I can atest to this, as I have done both.) You wouldn’t attempt to give birth alone, would you?

Developmental editing is a lot like midwifery for words. I will carefully read your entire book (or however much you’ve completed) and provide a deep, thoughtful, “big picture” analysis. I’ll guide you through the biggest hurdles of book writing, such as structural issues, theme, and characterization, and I’ll stick with you through follow-up conversations and revisions.

Sometimes the process is painful, but the end will be worth it--and I will cheer you on along the way. By hiring me as your developmental editor, I will be your number one support. I am here to birth your creativity into the world.

Developmental Editing Rates:
Every project is different, so email me for a customized quote. Here’s a basic idea of my rates:

  • A partial manuscript (or a shorter e-book) packages begin at  $500
  • Full manuscript packages begin at $1000

Line Editing

This type of editing is “smaller picture” and highly detailed. I will fine comb your project for clarity, factual errors, and sentence structure. It is incredibly difficult as a writer to do this type of work for yourself. Every writer--even the best-- needs a pair of fresh, professional eyes to ensure content is the absolute best it can be. In addition to my graduate degree in writing, I hold an Editing Certificate through the Poynter Institute.

Line Editing Rates:

  • $8 per page, with a $50 minimum. Industry standard is 250 words per page. 


This is the final step in the editing process. Proofreading saves you from attaching your name (or your business name) to copy rife with embarrassing mistakes. No one is safe from the occasional grammatical and formatting errors, and hiring a quality proofreader is a worthwhile investment to make sure your writing gets the attention it deserves.

Proofreading rates: 

  • $4 per page, with a $50 minimum. Industry standard is 250 words per page. 


You have an idea for a project but don’t know where to start.

You are stuck in the middle of your book and need some guidance.

You want to write your memoir but you’re not happy with your writing.

I’d love to guide you and provide tangible steps to achieve your writing goals.

Coaching Rates:

  • $200 for a 1-hour consultation and a detailed, personalized follow-up including actionables for your writing project. If, after the consultation and follow-up, you choose to hire me for developmental editing, the $200 will be applied toward the work.

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