De(tales): Doughnut

I’ve long admired Cara Strickland’s De(tales) series, so I was more than happy to contribute to it this week. (You may remember Cara from her guest post awhile back, “Always Asking Why”)

I’m telling a story over there about a moment I was ready to give up, and the small ways are saved every day. And doughnuts.

Here’s a sneak peek, but head over to Cara’s page to see the rest:

Standing over my daughter as she screams and flails around on the sidewalk outside the grocery store, I wonder if motherhood isn’t for me.

“Please, Georgiana, just get in the cart,” I say, weak and surrendered. It’s one of those mornings I washed my face with a baby wipe and put shoes on over Georgiana’s footie pajamas in a desperate attempt to leave the house.

An especially strong-willed child, my daughter has entered her Terrible Twos early, which could just as well be called the Delightful Twos because the stage is so full of wonder and excitement and life. But they are not easy.

Her newest antic is to refuse to sit in the grocery store cart by arching her body and kicking her legs and collapsing on the ground.

I look around, and ascribe judgmental thoughts to everyone who walks by. Because I’m a mind reader, it is obvious they are thinking I am the most incompetent parent in a three county radius, and I know at least a few people will get out their phones to dial Child Protective Services as soon as they are in their cars.

What kind of mom can’t get her kid inside a grocery cart? I think.







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