Craft fairs are for cool kids … AKA, why I'm nervous about my first boutique

Like the committed procrastinator I am, I decided to sign up for my first craft fair … one week before the event. 

I’ve been selling (or more accurately, trying to sell) my hand-stitched baby headbands on Etsy for a couple of months, but this will be my debut into the world of craft fairs. I’m excited and nervous that I won’t sell anything and I’m trying to keep my brain organized with everything I need to bring to display and sell my goods. 

I have to admit that I’m totally intimidated about it. I feel like the dork at a party, trying to poke her nose in a circle of really cool, together people having a hilarious, intelligent conversation. Craft boutiques are for artsy, stylish people. Not for dorks like me!

But because of some unwise encouragement from my husband, I’ve turned the house into a headband factory this week in preparation for my first boutique. The worst is I won’t sell a single headband, go home and cry, and probably whine to you on next Monday’s blog. That’s the worst that can happen. 

Here’s what my desk looks like right now:


I’m experimenting with new patterns, including these rolled roses. I think they’re very intricate and pretty. 

unnamed_3 unnamed_2And I’m trying to have a nice stock of Christmas headbands, since I’ll be selling at a holiday boutique. 



Even thought I HATE football, I’m playing around with some team colors. Here in the Bay Area, the 49ers are kind of a big deal. Go Niners?unnamed_4




And I’m trying to figure out how to best display and package my creations. It needs to be attractive and economical. I like the look of them up against recycled cardstock. 



I’ve been learning from other bloggers’ hard work on how to set up a first-time craft booth and how to make a craft booth look pretty.  

Am I crazy for trying to get this together in a week? 


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