Craft fair frenzy and Baby G's first Christmas present

My house is infested with headbands. Fabric scraps are all over the floor and pieces of partially finished creations are on every table. My craft desk has no less than four old coffee and tea mugs on it. 

In case you didn’t read Monday’s post, I’m preparing for my first craft fair this weekend. 

I’ve been a more neglectful wife and mother than usual, which I sort of feel bad about but after Saturday my family will have me back. 

Still super nervous the day will be a total washout, but I’m telling myself that even if that happens, I’ve got to start somewhere – and a bunch of other positive stuff that probably isn’t true. 

My family came to visit for one night yesterday. We visited and they helped take care of Baby G so I could be industrious. But the main reason they came is because my brother cannot come home for Christmas this year, so we had an early mini holiday celebration while he is still in town. Baby G opened her gift from him – a giant, battery operated pink “music parade” car. I swear he searched the store for the loudest toy he could find. What are uncles for, right? She was ecstatic – she crawled around the car, squealing and observing it from every angle and clapping her hands as way of channeling her overwhelming thrill. 

I think she will take to this Christmas thing quite well. And by the time her birthday rolls around exactly one week later, she’ll be a present receiving pro. The little taker. 



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