Confessions of an Internet Lurker: A Guest Post for Kelsey Munger

I’m happy to be featured on my friend Kelsey Munger’s blog this week for her series on Self Care. I stumbled on Kelsey’s blog a couple years ago and her writing instantly resonated with me. When she asked me to write for her Self Care series, I was in a blogging rut and at first said no. I’m so glad she encouraged me to start blogging again and gave me another chance to write for her. Thanks, Kelsey.


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There is something I’m embarrassed to admit to you. I waste a lot of time on the Internet, as I suspect you do too. Specifically, I waste a lot of time on social media, following people I wouldn’t say hello to if I ran into them at the store.

Here’s how it goes: I’m exhausted after another long day of managing my three-year-old’s mood swings while being pregnant and dealing with All The Other Things of Life. Your life may look different than mine, but I know it’s exhausting too. Life just is. Anyhow, dinner has been consumed, and my husband is doing the brave nightly task that is Getting the Toddler to Bed. I decide the dishes can wait until tomorrow because our sofa is just too tantalizing. I crash into it, iPhone in hand, ready for my nightly ritual.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

It’s mindless. It’s easy. It’s interesting without being too engaging. It’s hard to stop.

Why is that blog of my old college acquaintance so appealing? I never even liked her in college and pretty much everything she says annoys me. Same with the guy from my former, former office who is some kind of weird entrepreneur now and also might be on steroids. Why am I scrolling on his Instagram right now? Why can’t I stop reading the passive aggressive rants from that dude I met from that writing circle I showed up to once? Why am I reading the article that one mom from Mom’s Group posted about how vaccines turn innocent children into sociopaths? It’s not satire and it’s not well written. Yet I’m still reading, and as I read, I have this increasingly but probably unrelated desire to throw my cell phone against the wall.

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  1. Kelsey L. Munger on April 11, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Glad you’re getting out of your rut, Carly! It’s nice to have you back in the blogging neighborhood. =)

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