Writing My Memoir #2: Selling Out For An Agent Too Soon

For the next six months after the initial idea, I wrote whenever I could. None of the stories was organized and I didn’t try to tame them. I was still just coaxing the muse. I was gently prodding my memories out, hoping they could be captured well on the page. I was writing a book,…
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How I Wrote My Memoir: The Inspiration

I can remember the moment I decided to write a memoir. I was fresh off hormones from the birth of my first daughter and I was euphoric as I frantically typed random memories and thoughts in a Word Doc. It was sudden like that. I spent my whole life with the knowledge that I’d write a…
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Want to Write Better? Know Your Strengths.

Most writers are their own worst critics. We all want to improve our writing, and there’s a LOT of information out there on exactly how to do this—but has anyone ever suggested you begin by looking at your strengths? I believe that writers who are aware of their strengths have an edge in becoming a…
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