Living Well

11 books I'm itching to read this winter (and 2 I already have)

My list isn’t anything original, it’s pieced together from accolades in blogs much better than mine, user reviews on Good Reads, and personal recommendations from friends with good taste.  I tend to go through reading frenzies, where I’ll read 1-2 books a wee… and then remember that television exists and I won’t crack open a…
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To those who are hurting this holiday

If you are hurting this Christmas, I’m sorry. I am sorry for all the merriment around you that doesn’t pause for a moment to ask you how you’re doing. I am sorry for all the holiday cards you’ll get with photoshopped snapshots of beautiful, happy families. I’m sorry for the song you’ll hear 47 times…
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We can't decide: Should we get TV?

Joe and I are in a quandary right now on whether we should get cable televison. We really like watching TV, but neither of us has ever had cable – growing up or as adults – and we’re not really sure we’re ready for that to change. Right now we have a system of renting…
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A slob's guide to keeping a clean house

I’m in the honeymoon phase of my new home so naturally I’m having delusions of keeping a clean house forever. For those of you who don’t know me, you should know I’ve been called a slob even by my dearest friends. But a new house means a fresh start. This is the new Carly! I’ll…
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The key to gratitude is in a morning walk

This week I’ve rediscovered the cleansing power of a morning walk. We’ve been having chilly mornings here, foggy and dewy – the perfect conditions to bundle up the baby in the stroller and head out. If I ever find myself ungrateful for what I have, which is quite often, a morning walk keeps me in…
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