I’m an author who serves other creatives with workshops, editing, and coaching.

Think of me as a midwife of words, helping you deliver your story to the world.


I’ve been writing ever since I was six years old and wanted to chronicle the antics of my mischievous stuffed cow. One of those stories won a national writing contest through the PBS show “Reading Rainbow”--and that’s when I realized “it sure would be cool to write stories like this the rest of my life.”


I never did stop writing. In middle school, I published my own magazine, and in college I worked for the school newspaper and helped friends write their research papers. After graduating, I managed the college’s writing center.


I have a Master’s in journalism from Boston University and 10 years professional writing experience. My writing has appeared in metropolitan, regional, and community newspapers and magazines, and I’ve taken home awards from Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism, and from the California Newspaper Publishers Association.


I’m grateful to be doing what I love.  I might not be writing about my stuffed cow, but I’m still telling stories. I’d love to help you tell yours.