Think of me like a midwife of words, helping to birth your story into the world.

I offer writing and editing services for authors, professionals, and businesses.

Whether you're writing that first novel, need help with a killer business newsletter, or are looking for a strategic social media campaign, I am here for you.

I can help you through any--or all--stages of the process, from brainstorming to proofreading.



You’re busy and important and writing is a pain.



Even Hemingway had an editor. 



It's not just for college students anymore. 

Clear, efficient and creative. That describes Carly’s writing talent. Her ability to compose a final product is rooted in organizational skills as well as an intuitive understanding of how to get the point across. Those skills transcend the written word into all forms of media. As a bonus, she’s fun to work with and has a sparkling wit.

Mark Derry

Newspaper Executive

Carly’s class was extremely helpful. I learned more in three sessions than in most one semester classes. I learned how to write exciting personal memories that people would like to read.

Terry Watters

I had Carly as a teacher for a memoir writing class. It was only a three week class but I learned so much in that short period of time. She encouraged me to dig deep with my writing while providing many tools in order to do so. I loved her teaching style. She is blunt, witty, and super encouraging. She acknowledges the difficulty of writing but will push you to do your best. I look forward to taking her Advanced Memoir class in the fall.

Jamie Armstrong

Carly’s “Your Story Matters” course was a thoughtful exploration of how to uncover life's most significant moments and then find the words, structure, and emotional colors to paint a memory worth pondering.  This congenial, interactive class was filled with positive guidance and feedback from the instructor, was great for the novice as well as more advanced writers.  As a novice, I found it to be an introspective archeology of the heart and would give it an A+.

Leora Ferguson

Memoir Coaching Program


"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."
-Ira Glass

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